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When you hear, “cyber attack,” you likely think of data breaches at a large company or retailer, but do you ever consider that you could be personally attacked? From a surprise virus to a deliberate rental scam, to deeply hurtful cyber-bullying, the threats you and your family face in the connected world are real and not to be ignored. At Eastern Insurance, we make it our mission to try to protect all the good in your life, and we’re pleased to announce that we can now extend your protection from the real world and into the digital space with Personal Cyber Insurance. Read on to learn the key ways you and your family can be protected by Personal Cyber Insurance. What Does Personal Cyber Insurance Protect? Personal Cyber Insurance can offer you and your family protection in five key areas: Cyber Attack Coverage Cyber Extortion Coverage Online Fraud Coverage Data Breach Coverage Cyberbullying We’ll elaborate more on just what each of those items mea ... Continue Reading
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If her colleagues at Eastern Insurance had one word to describe Mika De Young, they would say, "passionate." After 25 years in the same industry, that passion, along with her intense work ethic, has made her a valued, respected, trusted member of Eastern Insurance.  After graduating college from UMass Amherst, Mika was passionate about Social Work. Her plan was to get a job that would allow her the flexibility and financial support to gain field experience in social work while saving and applying for her post-graduate degree. She found her fit at Hastings-Tapley (since acquired by USI), an insurance agency in Cambridge, MA. While she really knew nothing about the industry when joining it, she was excited to find an opportunity that would provide her stability while chasing her dream.  As we all know, life can sometimes upend the best-laid plans. Just before beginning school for her advanced degree in Social Work, Mika’s husband was transferred to California for work. Don’t worry for ... Continue Reading
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While it used to be the norm for most adults, especially parents, to have life insurance, a recent study shows that only 25% of millennial parents have this important policy. That statistic seems to contradict a population that is generally financially responsible, so we decided to talk to two millennials in the minority, who both have life insurance but don’t have children, to find out why they made this important decision. Continue Reading
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We are pleased to announce this month’s #EIGSpotlight, Heather LeMay. Heather is always first to take on a challenge within our organization, from helping her clients understand their policies on a deeper level, to going out of her way for her fellow colleagues, or even learning an entirely new division of insurance, her genuine enthusiasm for her job has made her September’s #EIGSpotlight. Continue Reading
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As of July 1, 2018, the new Massachusetts Pay Equity Act (MEPA) went into effect. This is a very important change in the law that Massachusetts employers need to be aware of and compliant with. Learn more about these changes in the law and what steps your company needs to take to be compliant.  Continue Reading
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Doing good is at the core of everything we do here at Eastern Insurance. We truly do follow the message of the Join Us For Good campaign,created in collaboration with our parent company, Eastern Bank, to thank those who help awaken good in their communities, celebrate the differences they are making, and help them continue to prosper.

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