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If you work in the insurance industry in Massachusetts, chances are you have had the pleasure of crossing paths with John Koegel. As Eastern Insurance Group’s President & CEO and current Chairman of the Massachusetts Association of Insurance Agents (MAIA), John is an inspirational leader who has been in the industry for more than 30 years. Insurance was not John’s initial career path, however … keep reading to find out the details of one of our most interesting EIG Employee Spotlights! John has been with Eastern Insurance since 1989, prior to our purchase by Eastern Bank. At that time we were known as Allied American Insurance Agency and had just 32 employees. John has played an integral role in the growth of the company, now with 425 employees and 24 office locations. Shortly after Eastern Insurance was acquired by Arbella Insurance in 1993, we began acquiring many other small insurance agencies at a rapid pace, sometimes as many as one per month. In 1998, John took the le ... [...]

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At Eastern Insurance, we pride ourselves on our collaborative work environment. . Our team approach is essential to offering our clients the high level of attention and service they deserve.  This summer we added several new interns to our offices and even though they were only with us for a short time, they were able to learn not only about the insurance industry but working as a team in a corporate environment. For our latest staff spotlight, we’re excited to introduce you to three of our summer interns, Michaela Casey, Emily Bernard and Xiaofan Gao!  Michaela Casey Michaela is a rising sophomore at Suffolk University studying politics, philosophy and economics. Over the last few months, she worked in our Personal Lines Division helping to organize the data system in preparation of the transition to a new Customer Management System, as well as many other tasks throughout the course of her internship. During her time at Eastern Insurance, Michaela enjoyed working with computers and the ... [...]

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With technology making it seamless to telecommute, remote work has become the new norm for business. In fact, the number of Americans working from home has increased 159% from 2005 to 2017 with nearly 5 million people currently telecommuting in the U.S. As new generations enter the workforce in an increasingly competitive landscape for employee benefits, as a business owner, you may be considering offering this flexibility to your employees. 


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According to reports by the Gun Violence Archive (GVA), so far in 2019 there has already been 21,563 incidents of gun violence in the US, resulting in 5,669 deaths and 10,827 injuries. Of these incidents, 148 have been defined by the GVA as mass shootings, meaning they included four or more victims. As the second leading cause of work-site deaths in the United States, workplace violence costs employers over $120 billion annually, according to estimates by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health in 2012. Since any business is vulnerable to violence, it is critical for employers to have procedures in place in the event of an incident that can help minimize employee trauma and facilitate the organization’s recovery from the incident. [...]

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Planning a wedding can be a massive logistical and financial undertaking. With the average wedding costing over $30,000, and the overall success of the day relying heavily on circumstances beyond even the most organized couple’s control (weather, no-show vendors, family illness, etc.), it makes perfect sense to try to protect such a large investment. While wedding insurance can’t guarantee that the sun will be shining on the big day, or your guests will be drama-free, it can help protect you and your family from serious financial loss. [...]

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Starting a new business is an exciting and challenging time, and can often seem like a daunting task to build a strong base for your financial future. Whether you are starting your new business as a side gig, or launching a full-time business and looking for investors, there are a few things that every future business owner needs to do to get started. [...]

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Here at Eastern Insurance, our employees are what help set us apart from other agencies. We value their tremendous efforts to help support the success of our company as well as their commitment to giving back to local communities. One of our employees who inspires us inside and outside of the office is our latest #EIGSpotlight — Greg Grintchenko, who just celebrated five years with Eastern Insurance. [...]

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Having a new teen driver in the family is nerve-racking, and when met with the financial burden of insuring that new teen driver, it can be almost overwhelming. Since teens aged 16-19) are statistically four times more likely than any other age group to be involved in a motor vehicle accident, the average family’s car insurance premium will likely increase significantly when adding a teen driver to the policy. However, by being prepared, knowing what your coverage options are, and understanding the discounts available you can work together with your insurance agent to take control of your new auto insurance costs. [...]

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Employers — does your business require employees to drive for work? If so, what are you doing to combat the dangers of distracted driving? In almost every state, the percentage of distracted driving related accidents has increased in recent years, making distracted driving a risk that business owners can not afford to ignore. This is especially true if your employees feel that using their phone while behind the wheel is a part of the job. From checking voicemails and email to making calls from the car, distracted driving is no longer limited to handheld devices — studies show that hands-free distractions also pose a safety risk. And at the end of the day, employers are responsible for ensuring their drivers adhere to federal and state regulations — including those about cell phone use while driving.   [...]

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In the age of the side-gig, as many as 44 Million Americans are earning extra income from a source that they do not define as their full-time job. From selling hommade goods on Etsy, to contracting out your professional services on the weekends, or being the direct representative for health and beauty products for your friends, the opportunity to earn has never been easier.

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