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In the age of the side-gig, as many as 44 Million Americans are earning extra income from a source that they do not define as their full-time job. From selling hommade goods on Etsy, to contracting out your professional services on the weekends, or being the direct representative for health and beauty products for your friends, the opportunity to earn has never been easier.

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  Here at Eastern Insurance, we pride ourselves on being a women-led company, with 2/3 of our staff, and our managers, being female. In honor of National Women’s History Month, we’re sharing a few stories and pieces of advice from some of the women of Eastern Insurance. “Most people I know didn’t go into insurance specifically, we seem to fall into it. For me, my kids were all in school and it was a bet from my husband that I couldn’t get a job! Well, shortly after calling my sister who worked in the insurance industry, I had a part-time job working mother’s hours and learning the world of insurance. Over 20 later, I still love my job and have been working with many of the same people. There is always opportunity to learn and grow in insurance. Whether you are a number cruncher (underwriter), like working with people (service team or sales), or enjoy research and marketing, there are so many opportunities within the industry. It is also inclusive from a demogr ... [...]

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Officials recently released a list of the top 10 most cited OSHA violations for 2018. The report documents the leading citations throughout their fiscal year, October through September. The goal of releasing the top violations is to help businesses identify and prevent the most common safety risks in the workplace.  [...]

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Purchasing your first home is an experience that will generate a wide range of emotions for even the most level-headed of buyers. From the excitement of finding a property to the overwhelming amount of paperwork at closing, one thing is for certain – it is bound to be an experience that you will never forget. Follow our first-time homeowner's guide to prepare yourself as you make the largest purchase of your life.