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6/19/2016 7:22 PM | 11 Comments

Fall protection and safety is a major concern on construction sites. Whether it’s repairing a roof, building a new home, or constructing the next skyscraper in Boston, there are many ways in which workers can become injured. Safety precautions and procedures need to be established to safeguard the lives of your workers — especially when it comes to fall safety. Learn how to prevent construction falls with our tips. 


6/3/2016 9:42 AM | 1 Comments

A city based vacation presents different considerations for family safety. They will likely be more populated, so family communication plans and navigation with your children is essential for their safety. [...]

5/23/2016 7:20 AM | 17 Comments

Running a small business can be overwhelming — in the midst of wearing so many hats, things like finding the right business insurance coverage can sometimes be pushed aside. We’ve made it easy and quick for you by laying out the 6 types of coverage you need as a small business owner to protect yourself, your business, your employees, and your customers.


4/20/2016 10:00 AM | 1 Comments

As cyber attacks, database/website hacking, cyber terrorism and other technology-related data compromises become an almost-daily occurrence, all businesses are at risk for a potentially-costly data breach. Small business are targets as much as the large companies who have made the news – Sony, The Home Depot and Target – and the nominal charge for cyber insurance can mean the difference between staying in business or bankruptcy.  [...]