Posted by Nina Terenzi on Oct 13, 2021

When you purchase a new home, it’s standard practice to buy homeowners insurance, as it is usually a requirement from your mortgage company. However, when it comes to renting, only 37% of renters are insured. Why is it that so many people choose to forego this important financial safety net?

Posted by Nina Terenzi on Oct 01, 2021

At Eastern Insurance, our employees are an essential part of what sets us apart from other agencies. Each member of our team plays an integral role in the outstanding level of service our clients receive and we’re proud of the work they do every single day. From his commitment to supporting our customers to his dedication to giving back to the communities we serve, we’re pleased to introduce you to our next Eastern Insurance Staff Spotlight, Josh Bender!

Posted by Nina Terenzi on Sep 29, 2021

To those just entering the workforce, the insurance industry may not seem like the most appealing career to consider, but we’re here to debunk that idea. In fact, a career in insurance can offer a number of exciting benefits, including work-life balance, opportunities for growth, and various career paths to take.

Posted by Nina Terenzi on Aug 04, 2021
On average, a boat can cost anywhere from a few thousand dollars to upwards of six figures, depending on the type of boat you purchase. Aside from the boat itself, owners will likely also have to pay for mooring fees, towing fees, gas, and storage during the winter months. With such a large investment, you’ll want to ensure you have the proper protection in the event of theft, damage, or an accident.
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As New Englanders, we know all too well that at the end of each winter, roadways are left with damage from months of ice, freezing rain, and fluctuating temperatures. These conditions create cracks that eventually turn into potholes under the weight of passing cars above. If you’re not careful, driving over a single pothole can cause up to thousands of dollars in damage to your vehicle.

Posted by Nina Terenzi on Feb 21, 2019

Introducing this month's Guest Blogger:

Posted by Nina Terenzi on Jan 17, 2019
Kelly Havey

If you feel like your car insurance rates have been trending upward, you’re right, and you’re

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In partnership with our parent company, Eastern Bank, our employees go above and beyond every year to give back to the local communities we serve throughout New England. One of the foundational beliefs of Eastern Insurance and Eastern Bank is to help others in the communities we serve.

Posted by Eastern Insurance on Dec 26, 2018

You most likely have home or renter’s insurance and auto insurance, but are you making the most of these policies? Things like accident forgiveness, roadside assistance, and bundling discounts can offer you peace of mind while also helping maintain insurance costs. While you may have heard of some of these coverages from other insurers, you should know that Eastern Insurance offers these same or similar endorsements along with 24/7 service and local support.

Posted by Eastern Insurance on Dec 03, 2018

Eastern Insurance is full of amazing employees who support one another on a daily basis, but what really sets our team apart is the good they do for their communities. In addition to volunteering throughout the year in collaboration with our parent company, Eastern Bank, through the Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation, our employees lend their free time to support those in need.