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In the event of a fire in your home, you may have as little as two minutes to escape before it becomes life-threatening and only five minutes before your entire home is engulfed in flames. And, according to the National Fire Protection Association, 27% of reported fires occur in homes with 79% of fire deaths and 73% of all reported injuries being caused by home fires. In these circumstances, every second counts — is your family prepared? Having a plan and taking the necessary precautions to protect your family ahead can be the difference between having to replace a few lost items and a tragedy. To help keep your loved ones safe, consider the following tips.  Create and Practice a Fire Escape Plan An emergency can strike at any time — if prepared, you can help increase your chances of keeping you and your family safe. To create a fire escape plan, first identify two ways to escape from each room in the event a main doorway or window is blocked by fire and smoke. If one of your routes i ... Continue Reading
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With the holidays upon us, the season of craft fairs has begun. In cities across the United States, many individuals will set up tables at craft fairs to sell holiday trinkets, jewelry, clothing, accessories, baked goods and other items they have proudly crafted.  While you may think of this as “small business”, the creative industry continues to be an avenue for individuals to supplement their income with a “side gig”.  According to the Association for Creative Industries, the total size of the creative industry in the United States is $43 billion dollars!   Why Should I Consider Home Based Business Insurance? If you are one of the many people who will be selling products at craft fairs this season, are you protected from an unexpected loss?  Many individuals mistakenly rely on their homeowners policy thinking this additional income is a hobby instead of a business. However, they face real exposures which require protection beyond a personal ... Continue Reading
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If you are one of the millions of Americans who shop online during the holidays and plan to take advantage of Cyber Monday deals this year, here are some tips to keep your personal information safe from hackers.  Continue Reading
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Flu season, which begins in the fall and peaks in the winter, can be highly problematic for many companies. If an influenza outbreak hits your business, employee absenteeism rates will likely rise, which could interrupt workflow and hamper office productivity. Although medical experts attempt to gauge the severity of flu season every year, it can still be unpredictable. Continue Reading
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Planning a wedding can be a massive logistical and financial undertaking. With the average wedding costing over $30,000, and the overall success of the day relying heavily on circumstances beyond even the most organized couple’s control (weather, no-show vendors, family illness, etc.), it makes perfect sense to try to protect such a large investment. While wedding insurance can’t guarantee that the sun will be shining on the big day, or your guests will be drama-free, it can help protect you and your family from serious financial loss. Continue Reading
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Starting a new business is an exciting and challenging time, and can often seem like a daunting task to build a strong base for your financial future. Whether you are starting your new business as a side gig, or launching a full-time business and looking for investors, there are a few things that every future business owner needs to do to get started. Continue Reading
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Having a new teen driver in the family is nerve-racking, and when met with the financial burden of insuring that new teen driver, it can be almost overwhelming. Since teens aged 16-19) are statistically four times more likely than any other age group to be involved in a motor vehicle accident, the average family’s car insurance premium will likely increase significantly when adding a teen driver to the policy. However, by being prepared, knowing what your coverage options are, and understanding the discounts available you can work together with your insurance agent to take control of your new auto insurance costs. Continue Reading
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  Introducing this month's Guest Blogger:   On December 31, 2018, Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker signed a new bill that will regulate short-term rentals, such as properties listed on AirBnB, HomeAway, or with local realtors. This new legislation has three components: new taxes, new registration protocols, and new insurance requirements. Read on to learn what action you need to take now, and what changes you’ll need to make in the future. What qualifies as a short-term rental property for this law? Any occupied property with at least one room rented out for under 31 days at a time is defined as a short-term rental property under this bill. This includes apartments, houses, condos, and cottages. Who does this apply to? Anyone who rents out their home or property themselves or using a realtor or hosting platform, such as AirBnB or HomeAway. What do you need to do as a rental owner? If you are a rental owner (or “operator” as referred to in the law ... Continue Reading
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If you feel like your car insurance rates have been trending upward, you’re right, and you’re not alone. In general, car insurance rates are rising all across the country for a variety of reasons. While it may seem like controlling your auto insurance premium is out of your hands, there are several ways you can keep it affordable without cutting coverage.

Our guest blogger and AVP of Personal Lines Sales at Eastern Insurance, Kelly Havey, shares some of the ways you can save money on your auto insurance policy.

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