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We feel guilty even bringing this up to our fellow Massachusetts residents...but winter is coming! Weather experts already predict a winter similar to last year’s, which means it’s time to start prepping. Don’t panic, we still have a lovely New England fall to enjoy before the snow comes! But it is coming. The good news is if you start now, these six easy tricks will make winter much more enjoyable and affordable!

Tune Up That Heating System

Contact your oil company or hire a technician to come in and tune up your heating system. A home visit usually costs somewhere between $80-$100, which you will quickly make back in saved costs when your furnace is running at peak efficiency. By taking care of this now, you’ll minimize your risk of anything going wrong in the middle of winter when repair companies will have a long list of waiting customers. By scheduling that appointment now, you won’t worry about it again until next year.

Reverse Your Ceiling Fans

This is a great trick that not many people know about! Most ceiling fans have a switch that reverse the directions of the blades. We all know that heat rises, so when you make your fan rotate in a clockwise direction, you create an updraft that pushes your heat back down! This will allow you to keep your thermostat at a lower temperature (since you’re retaining more of your heat), and will certainly save you some money over the course of the season!

Inspect Your Roof: Prevent Ice Dams, Clean the Gutters, Avoid Leaks

The roof is the most important section of your house to prepare, and there are a few steps you need to take. First, just give your roof a quick overview. Repair any missing shingles, and if you have a flat roof, make sure to sweep off any natural debris that could potentially hold onto moisture. Second, clean out all of your gutters to prevent water from pooling up and damaging your roof or creating ice dams. Finally, have a home auditor check for any air leaks around your roof that could also lead to the creation of ice dams. A sturdy roof is the crux of a weather resistant home.

Seal Your Windows

If the space between the siding and your window is larger than the width of a coin, you need to reseal it. Purchase an inexpensive caulking unit from your local hardware store, and check each window and door frame in your home. When properly sealed, your home will retain heat much more efficiently, keeping you warm and your bills low.

Call A Chimney Sweep

Call a chimney sweep and hum the iconic Mary Poppins song as you light your first fire in the fireplace! A fireplace is a cozy and cost efficient way to heat a room, but if your chimney is not properly cleaned and ventilated, your home will quickly become unpleasant and potentially smoke filled. Get it done now and enjoy your fireplace all season long.

Restock On The Winter Essentials

Restock on the winter essentials now, before the prices go up when the snow comes! You’ll need a snow shovel, salt and ice melter at the least. With the predictions being what they are, we suggest picking up an extra shovel or a snow blower if it’s in your budget. In New England, it’s worth the investment!

Winter is coming, but don’t panic yet. Taking these steps will make sure you’re prepared for however much snow comes your way! Trust us, your home and check book will thank you. Until it starts snowing, enjoy the sweater weather, pumpkin flavors and Patriot wins—it’s fall in New England!

If you have any other questions about winter preparation or any other insurance needs, we are here for you! Give us a call at (800) 333-7234  or visit our website!



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  1. Patrick Ferris's avatar Patrick Ferris
    I agree with this post where it says to start paying on your heating bill. I think that it is important to put money aside as your bills will typically increase. However, you can also avoid some of that increase by making sure that you get your heating and air conditioning checked before the cold starts setting in. Last winter I didn’t do that and I realized that my bills were piling up, but I was fortunate to realize that there was a problem with my HVAC system causing that and called in for a repair. Afterwords, I noticed a huge change.
    Reply 3/8/2017 4:50 AM

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