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Childproofing a home can be a stressful task for a new parent or grandparent, so here we provide 8 simple suggestions to cover the basics. These tips are also especially important to talk to your house guests about during the holidays, amidst the family frenzy!

Safety Gates

Stairs are the most difficult portion of a home for an infant to master, making safety gates one of the most important pieces of child safety equipment in your home. While you can place the gates wherever you please, always make sure to have mounted gates installed at the top and bottom of stairs.

Check Your Furniture

What may appear as a beautiful bookcase to an adult can easily become a significant source of danger to an overly curious child if it isn’t properly secured. Take stock of your furniture and use angle braces or anchors to bolt any large and heavy pieces directly into the floor and wall.


Each year, approximately 2,400 children suffer severe shock and burns when they innocently put items into the slots of electrical outlets, according to the NFPA. Outlets need to be covered so this is not even a possibility. There are several types of plastic protectors and plugs you can purchase at your local hardware store. Remarkably, children have been known to chew their way through any electrical cords they find, so take the time to secure cords out of your child's reach.


Install window guards to prevent them from opening more than three inches. Always close them when you can, and lock them when they’re not in use.


Science tells us that a home with live plants is a happier home. However, with a child in the house you need to do a bit more research on which plans to purchase. Some potted plants are poisonous to eat, and a curious child won’t hesitate to try it. Make sure your plants are safe and kept out of the reach of children.


If it has a lock, lock it! Make it a part of your daily routine.

Sharp Edges

We've all had that chance encounter with...an end table or kitchen counter. We bang our knee or arm and the result, for adults, is oftentimes an uncomfortable bruise. For a child, however, that bruise can become a life threatening injury. Take stock of your home and cushion any particularly sharp edges. 

Toilet Guards

Babies are oddly curious about toilets, but an overly eager peek could result in a headfirst topple. Get a toilet lock that will prevent your child from opening the seat without you around.

It’s impossible to control everything in your child’s life, but the safety of your home is one thing that you are able to manage. This National Child Safety and Protection Month, take the time to childproof your home with these tips and rest easier knowing your home is a safe haven.

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