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A city-based vacation presents different considerations for family safety. They will likely be more populated, so family communication plans and navigation with your children is essential for their safety.

Hotel Safety

It’s tempting to “rest your eyes” on the comfy hotel bed after a day of travel and sightseeing; however, we recommend checking the room and childproofing it if necessary. While exploring the city, keep your valuables secure by utilizing your room’s safe. Please don’t leave any valuable belongings in your car, and please always lock your car doors. If your room does not provide a safe, consider purchasing locks for your luggage to store your valuables.  

Learn how to Use Public Transportation

Public transportation is one of the most efficient and affordable ways of traveling a city. However, the chances of being separated, especially during peak hours, increases. To prevent this, understand the public transportation system of the city. Show the maps to your children and involve them in the navigation so they remain engaged while traveling on crowded trains.

Have a Plan

Create a sightseeing itinerary each day and communicate it to everyone in the family in the morning. Establish a designated meeting point in case anyone gets lost during the day and make sure all in your party have each other’s cell phone numbers. If your group is splitting up, agree on a “check-in” time for peace of mind. Most cities boast plenty of beautiful parks and green spaces. Find these spots, set up a picnic, and let the kids run around. Don’t forget to charge up cell phones and cameras, too!


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    My family is going on a cross-country trip. Thanks for the advice about hotel safety and learning how to use public transport. Hopefully, we can fun on our trip and see all great tourist attractions. http://funexcursionsinabox.com/product/new-hampshire/
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