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Effectively communicating the benefits you offer is a huge part of attracting and retaining a younger workforce. As Eastern Benefits Group Senior Vice President Colleen Doherty says, “How well an employer communicates its employee benefits program has a direct impact on whether that program will be perceived positively or negatively. Sadly, a poor package communicated well can be perceived better than a great package communicated poorly.”    

Here are 5 ways to digitize your benefits packages to attract and retain NextGen talent:

  1. Focus on the Highlights When you create job listings, do not leave out a single type of benefit you offer. Health care is one thing, but how about paid parental leave? The ability to telecommute to avoid rush hour traffic? Gym membership discounts? What may seem like a smaller benefit could be huge for the millennial generation.
  2. Weekly Benefits Email Blast — Do your younger employees even know what the difference between different deductibles is? Probably not. And that means they don’t know how awesome your health plan is. Communicate it in their language! Send them a weekly e-blast with interactive elements that explains things about your benefits package little by little.
  3. Online Enrollment — Get your plans in the works for online enrollment! Nothing is more revolting to younger talent in the Digital Age than handing them a stack of papers to fill out in order to sign up for your health plan.
  4. Consider New Types of Benefits — Health insurance is always #1, but have you thought about the fact that 71% of students graduate from college with an average of $25,550 in student debt? Consider attracting millennial talent by offering 21st Century Benefits like student loan repayment assistance or financial wellness education programs. Also consider creating a culture of wellness in your office (think staff Yoga sessions!).
  5. Social Media — The first thing millennials do when they see your job listing is look up your website ... and then find the social media icons and head straight there. Make sure your company has a personality online! Imagine them finding you don’t even have a Facebook page versus them seeing hundreds of pics of your staff doing group fundraising walks and volunteering at the local soup kitchen. It makes a big difference.

Are you one of many who are currently working on plans to better communicate your benefits packages to attract and retain young talent? You don’t have to take it all on yourself. Contact Eastern Benefits and we’ll help you design a plan to bring your company into the 21st Century. Eastern Benefits Group www.easternbenefitsgroup.com


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