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For most people, their home and its contents contain their most precious assets, so it is important to make sure they are well protected. Though home burglaries have been steadily on the decline since the 1970s, it is still wise to take a few simple precautions to increase your home security.

The first key to successful burglary prevention is understanding what a thief is looking for in a potential target:

  • Most burglaries occur between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. when homeowners are at work. 

  • Another common time for break-ins to occur is when there are obvious signs that the home has been unoccupied for a significant amount of time, such as mail or newspapers piling up.

  • Over 30% of thieves gain access to homes through “unlawful entry,” meaning that they were able to get in through an unlocked door or window instead of forcing their way in.

Now that you know how it is most at risk, here are a few simple ways to protect your home and possessions:

  • Install motion sensor lighting around your home and garage.

  • Place automatic timers on your interior lights and set them for different times in different rooms.

  • Take a walk around your property to identify any vulnerable areas or entry points, such as basement windows or pet doors.

  • Get in the habit of locking all windows and doors as soon as you close them, especially on the first floor of your home.

  • Install a deadbolt on every exterior entry door.

  • Do not leave valuables like jewelry, artwork or electronics sitting out in plain view. Hide these items in inconspicuous places or in a safe.

  • Use shades, drapes and other window treatments to hide tempting household items from an outside view.

  • Place “Beware of Dog” and home alarm signs in your yard. Even if you don’t have a dog or an alarm, this may deter potential thieves from trying to enter.

  • Alert friends and neighbors when you will be away for an extended period of time so that they can look out for suspicious behavior.

  • Have a neighbor shovel, mow your grass, and take in the mail, and move your cars in the driveway if you will be away for a few days or more. This will give the impression that someone is at home.

  • Put a hold on your newspaper if you go on vacation.

  • Never leave information about how long you will be gone on your answering machine or voicemail.

  • Be cautious about how much information you put on social media about your vacation, and make sure those posts are not public.

  • Contact your local police department to request that an officer visits your home to evaluate how secure it is and offer some improvements.

A more significant investment is to have an alarm system installed in your home that will alert the police if there is a break-in. However, homes with alarm systems are two to three times less likely to be broken into, and homeowners with alarm systems can often receive a discount on their Homeowner’s Insurance Policy.

To make sure your home is adequately insured against theft, or to discuss a home alarm system discount with your agent, please call us at (800) 333-7234, email us at customerservice@easterninsurance.com, or visit our website.


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  1. John's avatar John
    Thank you for sharing such great information. It is informative, can you help me in finding out more detail on how to protect my home. But I have already done a home insurance through Jackson & Jackson Insurance Agents and Brokers an insurance provider.
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  2. Tyler's avatar Tyler
    I like what this article recommends about getting in the habit of locking the doors and windows after closing them. It makes sense that this would be helpful because it would ensure you don't accidentally leave it open at night. It's something to remember for my home because along with some security doors and windows, these tips could be very beneficial to our safety. http://www.bondssecurity.com.au/about
    Reply 4/10/2017 2:40 PM

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