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Eastern Client Spotlight — Hall & Moskow

By Eastern Insurance, Jul. 21, 2017
Hall & Moskow

Hall & Moskow

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We are excited to feature Hall & Moskow for our July client spotlight (#EIGSpotlight). And what better time to tell you more about their services in the greater Newburyport community than on Get To Know Your Customer Day!

Hall & Moskow is a real estate, development, and property Management Company that offers energy efficient living in residential and commercial properties in Newburyport, Massachusetts, but their true passion is in finding unique ways to create a more sustainable environment. For example, Hall & Moskow is the first company in Newburyport to experiment with heliostats, sun-tracking mirrors that reflect and focus solar energy at a predetermined location, to melt snow in the winter.

Example of heliostats on a building.

Hall & Moskow and its leadership are very involved in the greater Newburyport community, frequently donating time and money to a larger variety of local non-profit organizations such as Anna Jacques Hospital, the Humane Society and the Boys and Girls Club. They have also collaborated with the Newburyport Art Association (a non-profit working to promote and celebrate the work of local artists) to increase gallery space, and with the YWCA of Newburyport to create affordable housing. In addition, Hall & Moskow proposed a new plan to the City of Newburyport to build a community boathouse to make it easier for community members to enjoy the great outdoors by offering kayak storage and more.

In their daily business operations, Hall & Moskow practices what it preaches regarding environmental sustainability, as most of their properties have energy efficient light bulbs, water saving attachments for all water spouts, programmable thermostats, and extra insulation. These features not only reduce tenants’ overall energy use for their financial benefit, but also have a positive impact on the environment. In 2015, Hall and Moskow utilized National Grid's Weatherization Program to assess building energy efficiency for many of their apartment units.

Some of the most notable accomplishments of Hall & Moskow’s development initiatives have been renovating toxic properties, cleaning them up so they are safe to build and work on, and turning them into valuable community spaces. One of their most well-known projects is the Tannery Marketplace in Newburyport, which was an old leather mill, and is now a commercial hot spot for retail businesses and restaurants, and the site of Newburyport’s Farmer’s Market on the weekend. Their commitment to the environment continues to shine in the Tannery, where they have recently implemented a recycling program that includes composting of Tannery restaurants' food waste and an on-site Cardboard Baler, and earlier this year they doubled the number of rooftop solar panels to provide the majority of the energy for the building.

Their most recent restoration initiative created Hillside Center sustainable living project out of a toxic auto dumping ground. Highlights of this project will include rainwater collection, a greenhouse, and edible landscape, LED lighting, solar panels, shared electric vehicles, and other sustainable elements.

Last but not least, David Hall, President of Hall & Moskow, is also president of the Coastal Trails Coalition, which raised the funds to create 30-miles of biking and walking trails along the lower Merrimack Valley.

We’re very proud to work with Hall & Moskow and to showcase the incredible work they are doing to improve energy efficiency and quality of life for residents in Newburyport.

To learn more about Hall & Moskow and their services, visit their website:  and learn more about their projects here: www.tannerymarketplace.comwww.hillsidecenterforsustainableliving.com

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