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Does your pet love winter weather? Or are they waiting by the heater in your home for warmer days to come? Either way, here are some precautions that you, as a pet owner, should take to keep your best buddy safe and sound until spring.

  • Use pet-safe ice-melt not only on your driveway or walkway, but on shared sidewalks. Traditional rock salt can irritate paws, or even potentially poison a pet.
  • Keep anti-freeze out of reach and quickly wipe up any spills, as it can have a sweet taste to pets.
  • Buy a reflective vest, for you, and your pet! While it is always a good idea to wear bright colors or reflective gear if you are walking your pet at night, winter nights are longer, and bad weather can reduce vision of drivers.
  • Wipe your pet’s paws following a walk to remove irritating chemicals. If you don’t wipe them off for them, your pet may try to clean their paws on their own by licking them, potentially ingesting the chemicals and causing them harm.
  • Keep an eye on weather patterns and low temperatures. If your pets are used to roaming or living outdoors, keep them inside if a storm or particularly cold front is moving in.
  • If your pet has hair instead of fur, help them remove snow and dry off when they come in from playtime. Snow will clump in hair, keeping your pet cold and wet.
  • Check your car hood and wheel well for stray cats. They will seek shelter and warmth from your vehicle.
  • Resist the temptation to let your pet run on a wild snow romp, no matter how great the pictures might be! Pets get lost more in the winter than any other season as snow can mask recognizable landscapes and scents that would normally mark their way home, so make sure they are leashed when outside.

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