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Eastern Insurance Employee Spotlight — Mika De Young, Senior Vice President and Commercial Lines Marketing Director

By Eastern Insurance, Oct. 29, 2018
Mika De Young

Mika De Young

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If her colleagues at Eastern Insurance had one word to describe Mika De Young, they would say, "passionate." After 25 years in the same industry, that passion, along with her intense work ethic, has made her a valued, respected, trusted member of Eastern Insurance. 

After graduating college from UMass Amherst, Mika was passionate about Social Work. Her plan was to get a job that would allow her the flexibility and financial support to gain field experience in social work while saving and applying for her post-graduate degree. She found her fit at Hastings-Tapley (since acquired by USI), an insurance agency in Cambridge, MA. While she really knew nothing about the industry when joining it, she was excited to find an opportunity that would provide her stability while chasing her dream. 

As we all know, life can sometimes upend the best-laid plans. Just before beginning school for her advanced degree in Social Work, Mika’s husband was transferred to California for work. Don’t worry for Mika though, her career story is heading towards a happy ending! 

Applying the experience she gained while working for Hastings-Tapley, Mika joined Woodruff-Sawyer & Co. in San Francisco and remained in the insurance industry. While her time on the West Coast was cut short due to family illness, the impact it had on her career was lifelong. She was able to further develop her professional skills working in another part of the country, and some of the professional relationships she built while there turned into deep-rooted mentorships. It was a combination of these insurance and life experiences that made her an excellent hire for Eastern Insurance shortly after returning to Massachusetts. 

Today, Mika is known throughout the agency, and the industry, as the disciplined and driven Senior Vice President and Commercial Lines Marketing Director who fearlessly leads a team as they secure insurance for businesses of all sizes, but she didn’t start there. She has advanced within Eastern Insurance to be in the respected role that she is in today and has her work-ethic, and good bosses, to thank for that. 

“I’ve worked for very supportive employers,” Mika said, “I’ve always felt like a respected and valued employee, and that I’ve been given every opportunity to advance.” 

It is at this high level that Mika finds extra satisfaction in her job by continuously working towards finding solutions for clients. “It’s incredibly rewarding working with our carrier partners to develop programs that better protect our clients and their employees. Our sales and service teams are steadfast in their desire to be the best.” 

Mika’s enthusiasm for insurance seems to transfer to her colleagues when they talk about her. Executive Vice President of Commercial Lines at Eastern Insurance, William Gross, said, “Mika is a peer leader whom not only brings technical expertise to our agency, but also the leadership, collaboration, and strategic thinking needed to advance the agency’s mission. She brings a broad array of skill sets to our agency that are invaluable, and she is well respected by all that work with her.” 

Outside the office, Mika’s passion is transferred to her family including her husband, Mike, their 10-year-old son, and her extended family. She enjoys spending her time traveling with her family as well as volunteering at her son’s school whenever she can. She proudly states that she has chaperoned every elementary school field trip of his, saying, “Any opportunity I have to interact with my son at school events is where I choose to dedicate my time right now.” 

Mika is not just a strong role model at home, but also in the office. She is looked up to as a successful woman in insurance, a typically male-dominated industry. Her advice to young women in any career would be that they always stay true to their core, no matter what, and to truly love what they do. And, if they are looking for a way to pursue what they love, consider a position in insurance. “You can do anything you want within our industry,” she said, “Beyond the insurance and finance labels, the field offers opportunities in technology, engineering, leadership, client services, human resources, legal, science, and so much more!”    

From everyone at Eastern Insurance, we’d like to thank Mika for the good she does for her clients, her team, and our agency, every day. 

If you are interested in learning more about any of the business insurance solutions that our Commercial Lines team can provide, please visit, or call 1-800-333-7234 (Option 3).

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