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Eastern Insurance Employee Spotlight — Ruth Ann Silverman, Account Manager

By Eastern Insurance, Dec. 03, 2018
Ruth Ann Silverman

Ruth Ann Silverman

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Eastern Insurance is full of amazing employees who support one another on a daily basis, but what really sets our team apart is the good they do for their communities. In addition to volunteering throughout the year in collaboration with our parent company, Eastern Bank, through the Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation, our employees lend their free time to support those in need.

One example of this individual generosity is Ruth Ann Silverman. Ruth Ann has worked with Eastern Insurance for 32 years and has volunteered with Caps for Kids for the last several years.

Ruth Ann started her career in insurance with the company that would eventually become Eastern Insurance almost by chance. “I wanted to work in a very specific area, and I always had loved the idea of working by Lake Quannapowit in Wakefield,” she said. While she may have come for the view, she stayed for the love of her job.

Today, as an account manager, Ruth Ann handles agency bill policies for the entire agency, performs all renewals, and writes the instructions for the accounting department to make sure all billing processes run smoothly. However, for someone with such a technical job, she has a very emotional reason to come to work every day – her coworkers. “Everyone is very supportive,” she said, “There’s always someone, somewhere, you can get help from when you need it.”

Ruth Ann’s co-workers feel the same about her, including her manager, Theo Khouri, who said, “Ruth Ann is always willing to help out and is truly a team player.”

Ruth Ann’s desire to help extends out of the Eastern Insurance and into her involvement with Caps for Kids. She first learned about Caps for Kids while reading this article by Beverly Beckham in The Boston Globe a few years ago. Ruth Ann immediately connected with the nonprofit organization and got to work.

Every year Caps for Kids provides more than 12,000 knitted, custom-made hats to children in need throughout Massachusetts. When Ruth Ann started knitting hats for the organization six years ago, she made it her goal to hand-knit 50 hats per year. Every year since she has hit or exceeded that goal. In 2018, she really outdid herself by knitting 75 hats, an average of 6 custom-made hats per month! 

“You can’t imagine the satisfaction this gives me. Many children will receive only a hat for Christmas and it brings me so much joy to know that I can make a difference for them every holiday season,” said Ruth Ann.

Ruth Ann Hats

If you would like to join Ruth Ann in supporting Caps for Kids, but aren’t sure of your knitting skills, there are plenty of other ways to support this wonderful organization. For example, volunteers can donate yarn or help with the sorting and organizing of the winter hats for delivery. You can learn more about the nonprofit and the ways you can help this holiday season and throughout the year here.

On behalf of the Eastern Insurance team, thank you, Ruth Ann, for the good you do for our organization and the many children in need throughout New England.

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