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Eastern Benefits Employee Spotlight: Michael Uretsky

By Nina Terenzi, Jun. 26, 2020
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Our Eastern Benefits Group team prides itself on not only the quality of our customer service, but our employees — without whom, we wouldn’t be nearly as successful. Their drive to serve and advise our employee benefit customers every day, and especially in these challenging times, is unmatched. One of our employees who continuously goes above and beyond, not only in our office, but throughout the employee benefits industry, is our newest #EBGSpotlight — Senior Vice President Michael Uretsky, who has been with us for over 16 years! He is a crucial member of our team and according to Practice Leader, Executive Vice President Matt Shadrick, “When I look internally or externally, Michael is there. He has a unique ability to anticipate needs and he has our backs. He is a true teammate who understands the importance of supporting colleague success and engagement for the success of the business.”

How Michael Got Started at Eastern Benefits Group

Michael joined our team as a Sales Executive in 2004 and has since become a vital part of driving the success of Eastern Benefits Group. In 2013, Michael took over the Sales Leadership role and has been a key member of our benefits team ever since, helping build relationships not only with the customers, but also within the office. Michael says, “A lot of what we do takes place before and after hours. It couldn’t be done without teamwork, trust, and a belief in being the best business partner for our clients.”

Now, more than ever, it’s been extremely important for the team to rally around each other daily for a host of reasons, especially during these challenging times. He adds,  “Being the best for our colleagues always means equipping them with the timely knowledge and a depth of resources and technology to be the best business partner for our clients and their employees —that’s what differentiates us from others in the industry. Since the pandemic struck, it’s never been clearer to me that what our people do matter in such a highly urgent and complicated way. We truly are and continue to be an essential lifeline for our clients in so many ways.”

We’re so grateful that Michael quickly took the lead in helping our team adapt to working remotely — Executive Vice President Matt Shadrick says, “Immediately after ‘stay at home’ was enacted, Michael pushed Skype and Zoom training to connect our field and management teams with clients and each other. His anticipation, patience, and clarity drove a kick start to EBG’s use of remote technology effectively.”

Michael Uretsky

Making Strides in the Benefits Industry

To help continue building the success of the company, Michael owns several initiatives, including his recent acceptance into the National Health Rosetta Ecosystem earlier this year. He applied and went through a comprehensive vetting process to become a national thought leader and to join the conversation to help transform the cost of healthcare for the middle market companies who are tired of the status quo health plans and solutions that don’t improve health and quality of care. “You can’t fix what you cannot see,” says Michael. “We are working to fix the transparency of data and price challenges for employers by engaging the provider community directly.”

A Leader in Our Office

Michael’s passion for the work he does and for the team around him is clear to anyone who meets him. With the goal to retain the clients we serve, acquire new clients, and keep our families safe during these challenging times, Michael and his colleagues consistently go above and beyond to ensure they provide accurate, timely guidance and support. Michael says, “We view ourselves as an extension of a client’s HR and Benefit personnel — these days that means on call 24/7 and being there 12-13 hours a day to understand the complex, financial implications for employers and their employees.” On the team, he shares, “The dedication of Eastern Benefits employees is clear, especially now as we are in a situation that is affecting everyone personally and professionally and we are 100% remote since the beginning of the pandemic. As an essential business — the commitment to serve is in our DNA.”

Though Michael has a longstanding history in the benefits industry, he attributes his success in his current role to his past participation in sports. From his experience as a player himself to coaching and getting involved with youth teams, it’s helped build some of the essential skills one needs to support new business development. At Eastern Benefits Group, Michael says, “We take pride in being our word and personally delivering on our promises in a comprehensive service model — with the resources we have, now more than ever, clients need help in ways we never imagined. We’re not too big that we don’t care and we’re large enough to deliver beyond what is expected. As a leader in the insurance industry, Michael would tell younger generations, “We need you. Whether your interest lies in personal risk or commercial benefits, there is a lot of opportunity and many roles. We need creative thinking, digital savvy, data analytical skills, and people with project management abilities. There are infinite possibilities in the industry for anyone — if you want to work with people, data, etc., the list is endless.”

Outside the Office

When he’s not collaborating with our staff at Eastern Benefits or working on behalf of our clients, veterans, and active duty military families, Michael likes to stay active.

You can always find him on the ice by 6:30 AM — no matter the time of year, ice hockey has been in his blood since he was 7-years-old. He runs a league on Tuesday mornings which began over 11 years ago, while also participating in two other leagues, also before work two mornings a week. When the sun is out you can find him playing golf usually for one of the many charity golf tournaments we support and the many great causes that make a difference to the communities we serve.

We’re grateful to have you as a leader on our team Michael — thank you for your continued hard work and commitment to going above and beyond for our team, our customers, and clients!

Stay tuned throughout the next several weeks for a peek inside our client’s relationships and the rest of our amazing team here at Eastern Benefits Group.



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