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Eastern Benefits Employee Spotlight: Abu Patrick

By Nina Terenzi, Oct. 20, 2020
Abu Patrick

Abu Patrick

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This month, we are excited to introduce you to our latest colleague Abu Patrick, who has been with our team for eight years and was recently promoted to Account Executive, Benefits Implementation Specialist.



Abu began his career in the benefits industry over twenty years ago and spent fifteen years as an Electronic Enrollment Analyst before ultimately becoming an Account Coordinator for the sales team. Abu joined Eastern Benefits Group in 2012 as an Account Manager I. He was then promoted to Account Manager II, and his most recent promotion is to Account Executive/Benefits Implementation Specialist. His previous supervisor, Kelly Nolan, says, “In business, it’s important to find people you can count on. Abu Patrick is a reliable employee who is always there for the team.”


WORKING AT EBG – Colleagues and Clients

From his first day at Eastern Benefits Group, Abu says, “I immediately felt welcome and a part of the team — I’m very friendly and able to adapt to my environment. Everyone made me feel at home as I listened and processed the new ‘language’ of being a broker with EBG and was given the proper training to excel and give the best service to our clients. Our client service at EBG cannot be matched.” Abu’s work ethic and dedication is clear to all his coworkers, “he has a positive attitude about work and his personal life and he’s all about teamwork — he is willing to go above and beyond to help his colleagues and provide exceptional customer service” says Jackie Meekins.



In his new role, he works closely with the supervisor of Benefits Administration, Michelle Nelson, to help streamline the systems between customers and employees. Even though he began transitioning into his new role before the COVID-19 pandemic began, much of his training has been done remotely and Abu says, “I’m a student again and I keep learning. Michelle has helped me prepare for this role answering any questions I have and I’m now working directly with clients to meet their needs.” 


At EBG we treat our clients how we want to be treated. The trust and respect we have for each other carries over to our client relationships, and this is exactly how Abu treats everyone around him.



A prime example of Eastern Benefits Group employees supporting one another happened recently — an employee lost his home to a fire and Abu was at the center of the team coordinating support efforts to help him and his family. Aside from rallying around his team member/friend during this tragedy and coordinating food delivery and donations to help them get back on their feet, Abu regularly checked in to make sure they were doing ok and had everything they needed and says, “We take care of each other in and out of the office and there was no hesitation when this happened because we were ready to help in any way we could.”


Colleague Michael Bettano says, “Abu is the type of guy who will drop everything he is working on to lend a helping hand to any of his colleagues who are in need. Abu’s outgoing and caring personality makes it easy for him to make lasting relationships and friendships with his clients as well as his coworkers. I look up to Abu as he is the perfect role model, especially when it comes to being a father. Abu is such a phenomenal person and I know he will be successful with everything he does in life.”



Outside the office, Abu is a family man. “Family is everything to me. My mother raised my siblings and me to be supportive of one another and try our best.” Abu has continued that tradition with his own family. He and his wife met at his first job in the insurance industry and have been together ever since. Now, they have a 21-year-old daughter and two boys, ages 15 and 13 who they have enjoyed spending quality time with over the last few months. As soon as the pandemic hit, Abu created workspaces for himself and his wife so they could remain productive throughout the day and set up schedules for his boys, noting that “we all still have a job to do — for my wife and me, it’s getting our work done and making sure our boys are safe and that they get their schoolwork done.” 

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But, it’s not all work — they still make lots of time to play, too. Abu has been a coach for local sports since he was a teenager. He grew up going to his community center and saw people taking the time to volunteer and help young Black men live a positive life. Because of his experience growing up, it’s always been a priority for him to keep the momentum going and give back to the community himself. Today, he is the Director of the Lynn Flag Football program and still coaches a local Babe Ruth League. When it comes to coaching, he strives to uphold one motto, “I’ve got your back — I’m there for the kids no matter what because I know they might not have a positive role model in their life. Each time we’re together, I let them know I’m there for them so that they can in turn do the same for their friends and family. Like Bill Belichick, I just ask that they do their job and give me 100%.”

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