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A healthy employee is more engaged, happy and productive than an unhealthy one, which is why so many businesses are no longer treating employee wellness programs as an afterthought, but investing in them. What makes a good wellness program? It depends on the employee demographics and culture of the company.  Onsite yoga classes are great if all the employees are located in one office, but what about for a company that has multiple locations around the country? While each wellness program should be tailored to the work culture at your business, there are a few basic tenets for a successful plan. Here are six initiatives every good wellness program should have:

Flexible Work Schedule

A flexible work schedule does not mean that you need to transition to a four day work week (though some companies have found this advantageous). It does mean that your employees are not scared to ask to if they can come in fifteen minutes late on Tuesday to nab the last spot in that yoga class. An active person will make up that time in productivity. Let your employees know that you support a healthy lifestyle.

Physical Activity
Your employees will work harder and smarter if an exercise break is part of their regular routine at work. If you don’t have an onsite gym, you can take the time to secure a discount or corporate membership with a quality gym near the office or educate the employees on local walking paths. Other ideas: encourage employees to take the stairs, walking groups during lunch, standing desks, bike racks for employees who ride their bike to work, etc. Adding regular exercise to the routine makes a big difference and ensures that the extra money is going to a healthy employee lifestyle.

Connect The Wellness Program To Other Company Programs

Pursuing wellness doesn’t mean only getting fit in the gym, it means integrating healthy habits into all aspects of your life. Connect your employee wellness program to other company programs like an employee assistance program. Health is both physical and mental–make sure your employees are focusing on improving their minds, not just their muscles.

Health Conscious Work Environment

If you want to promote a healthy lifestyle, lead by example–your company culture should reflect a healthy lifestyle as well. Make sure there are healthy snacks in the break room and the cafeteria, encourage employee exercise outings and post fitness and work-life-balance tips around the office space.

Make It Personal

The best way to commit to a healthy lifestyle is to find someone to go on the journey with you. Foster employee bonding and build your “work family” by creating fun programs that encourage personal accountability, like tracking the team's combined Fitbit steps per day or creating a board for sharing fitness tips and healthy recipes. Always make these programs optional–there should be no shame aspect to your wellness plan.


Office seminars and team lunches are the perfect opportunities to promote a healthy lifestyle. Bring in experts to talk about meditation, yoga or even improv. Make it clear to your employees that the company is invested in healthy living.

Healthy people are better workers. Make sure your company has the best around by creating a wellness plan that goes beyond healthy bodies and promotes healthy lifestyles. These six principles are the place to start–health is wealth, people.


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