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Independence Day is one of America’s favorite holidays, with fireworks, barbecues and good friends aplenty. Don’t ruin the celebrations by being unprepared! Here are the only 10 safety tips you need to celebrate July 4th without any dangerous mishaps:


It’s not just for lifeguards. It’s for humans in the sun, like you. Be sure to apply it both before and during any outdoor parties, even if it’s cloudy. The ultraviolet rays from the sun can cause more than painful burns; they can also drastically increase the signs of aging and your risk for skin cancer. 

Fourth of July is a great family-friendly holiday, so make sure your gathering is family friendly as well. Be sure to keep any fireworks out of reach of children, clearly mark your alcoholic beverages and keep the campfire and grill supervised by an adult. 

…will invite insects to your party. Cover it up! Have an EpiPen on hand in case someone happens to be allergic to bee or wasp stings, as well as the basics, like bug spray and citronella candles. Being over-prepared brings peace of mind. Trust us.

Leave them to the professionals. If you’re determined to put on a show of your own remember to:

● Keep them away from kids
● Never point sparklers or other kinds of fireworks at yourself or others
● Only light fireworks on the ground
● Keep a fire extinguisher nearby 

You might be on one. July Fourth is the most popular holiday for boating enthusiasts, and really who doesn’t want to watch a fireworks display from a boat? No one, but do it safely. Never consume alcohol when driving a boat, provide life preservers for everyone on board and familiarize yourself with the boating laws in your area. 

...is a great Fourth of July activity but do it responsibly. Whether you’re in the pool, the ocean or running through a sprinkler, pay attention to basic water safety. Don’t swim after you’ve started drinking, never swim alone and always make sure a designated adult is watching the kids–don’t assume someone will be watching. 

...is a delicious way to cook food, but an easy way to get burned. Leave the grill marks to the steak and practice safe grilling. You can take care of a lot of grill safety before the party even starts by checking for gas leaks and overfilled propane tanks. Once you’ve fired up the grill, make sure kids stay away and an adult grillmaster is always attending to the grill. 

…is a great idea for the first two hours, after that the FDA discourages you from consuming food left in the sun. Enjoying a picnic and a fireworks show is a Fourth of July tradition; let’s keep food poisoning out of it. 

...is the secret ingredient to a successful July 4th bash, but also the most dangerous. Always remember to drink responsibly and assign a designated driver before the party begins. Also, alcohol and fireworks is a recipe for disaster, so always make sure to have a sober party attend to the pyrotechnics. 

Are you taking any? Check with your doctor and make sure that it’s ok to drink alcohol with your medication. It’s a simple thing that many people forget about, and it’s an entirely avoidable catastrophe. It’s not a bad idea to keep extra allergy medicine on hand for those who aren’t adapting to the pollen season. 

The Fourth of July is arguably the best tradition to come out of the United States. The popular combination of fireworks, alcohol and cooking outside can lead to dangerous situations, but if you plan in advance and take the time to implement these safety tips, you can create a family tradition that will last generations. 


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  1. Annie's avatar Annie

    Such a nice ideas you have provided. I want you to add more ideas. It will help us more. Thanks for giving such a useful information.
    Reply 8/5/2015 5:23 AM
  2. Annie's avatar Annie

    Such a nice ideas you have provided. I want you to add more ideas. It will help us more. Thanks for giving such a useful information.
    Reply 8/5/2015 5:23 AM
  3. Fair Harbor Clothing's avatar Fair Harbor Clothing
    Great tips! Check out our boardshorts made from recycled plastic bottles for your July 4th adventure! #seastheday @fairharborclothing
    Reply 6/29/2016 7:08 AM

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