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Going on vacation is always a rush—so much so that often, people tend to forget to protect the stuff they leave behind. Amidst the chaos of packing and planning, make sure you take the time to protect your home from burglary. The peace of mind that comes from being prepared will make your trip all the more enjoyable. Follow these easy steps to minimize your risk of burglary while you’re on vacation: 

Call Your Neighbors
The best option is to have a trusted friend or neighbor stop in and check on your house daily while you’re away. This not only gives the appearance that someone is home, but it also gives you the security of knowing all is in order. Additionally, having a neighbor park in your driveway is a simple yet effective way to make it appear someone is at home. 

Automate Your Home
Times have changed; but luckily, so has technology. While most thieves have learned to notice if a house has lights that are constantly on, the popularity of the Internet of Things has introduced a number of helpful gadgets to the average consumer. Wifi lightbulbs allow you to set your lights on a timer, creating the realistic illusion that someone is home—most televisions and stereos have a timer function as well. Before you leave for vacation, set the timer for a half an hour in the middle of the day and several hours a bit later in the evening. 

Social Media Embargo
Everyone loves to post to their social media accounts, especially when they’re on vacation enjoying beautiful views. But you never know just who exactly is viewing your profile. By posting about your vacation, you alert criminals that your house will be vacant. Avoid posting the exact dates you’ll be away and check your privacy settings. Save the details and travel photos until you get home! 

Hold Your Mail
One of the most obvious signs that a homeowner is away is a large pile of mail sitting on the front step. A mail slot is only helpful if there are no windows with views of the doorway and there is ample space for the mail to drop through. Every post office is happy to hold your mail; all you need to do is look up your local branch’s phone number and let them know the days you’ll be away. 

Hide Spare Key & Valuables
When you’re going on an extended vacation, it is always wise to remove the hide-away-key from its spot. Call up a friend and give them the spare in case of any emergencies while you’re gone. Many homeowners are also tempted to close the curtains while gone, but this gives the appearance of a vacant house. The better bet is to keep the curtains open, and make sure your valuables are moved out of sight from any windows. 

Call the Police
This does not mean call 911! Every police station has a non-emergency number for just this kind of request. Let the police know the dates that you’ll be away and they’ll make sure to send a few extra patrol cars by to check in while you’re gone. 

Call a Lawn Service
Like a pile of unopened mail, an unkempt lawn (or unshoveled driveway) is a clear indicator that a house is empty. Always make sure to schedule a visit from a lawn service while you’re away to keep your home looking occupied. 

It doesn’t take much effort to fool a potential intruder into believing your home is occupied while you’re on vacation. These easy steps will maximize your protection with minimal effort. Your vacation should be the time you let go of your worries and enjoy the moment. Keep your house secure with these easy steps and focus on enjoying your trip!


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