Cyber Insurance


When you hear, “Cyber-attack,” you likely think of data breaches at a large company or retailer, but did you know you could be personally attacked? From viruses, to rental scams, to hurtful cyber-bullying, the threats you and your family face in the connected world are real and not to be ignored. At Eastern Insurance, it’s our mission to protect all the good in your life – from the real world into the digital space with cyber insurance.

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The ways we are connected to the internet are rapidly increasing, and all of them provide opportunities for a cyber attack to hit your home. Personal cyber insurance coverage extends to most items on your home network that are owned or leased and operated by you or a member of your family.

Personal cyber insurance can protect you in the below five key areas. Read more about each area here.

  1. Cyber-attack coverage
  2. Cyber extortion coverage
  3. Online fraud coverage
  4. Data breach coverage
  5. Cyberbullying

As technology becomes increasingly enmeshed in our lives, the opportunity for a cyber-attack to occur to you or a member of your family also increases. At Eastern Insurance, we hope that by offering personal cyber insurance coverage, you can continue to connect with confidence. To learn more about this valuable coverage or to request a quote, please complete our quote request form now.