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Eastern Insurance Talks with Amy Perez, AVP, Eastern Benefits Group

By Nina Terenzi, Aug. 23, 2022
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EIG What brought you to Eastern Insurance?

AP By now I’ve worked in the insurance industry for more than 20 years. I started my career as a quality assurance coach at a major carrier where it was my job to coach employees on how to deliver superior service to members. That job—which I held for six years—is really where I learned that I wanted to work with clients and that the service industry was the right path for me. After obtaining my producer’s license in 2006, I worked for a few Boston-based brokerages, each time transitioning to a new firm after five or six years. Each of these jobs was great, but I was always on the hunt for the agency that felt like the right place for me and could become the final stop. In 2019 I worked with a recruiter who arranged a meeting with Eastern Benefits Group and a few other reputable brokers. I met with Eastern last and immediately knew it was the right fit. I needed an employer where I could grow professionally and still feel at home in its culture. I love that Easterns company values align with my own. My employers are huge supporters of family and work-life balance, and it is a breath of fresh air to work with colleagues who are supportive and build each other up.

EIG What do you value most about working for Eastern Benefits Group?

AP I value Easterns commitment to family and work-life balance. When I started at Eastern three years ago, my husband and I were in the process of adopting a child—a process we thought would take a few years, making it safe for me to start a new job. As it happened, within about two months of my starting at Eastern, I got a call from the Department of Children and Families (DCF) telling me that we’d been chosen as a match for a specific child—a little girl who is now our daughter. We were so excited, but a DCF placement required me to take four weeks off to bond with our new child. Everything around the adoption had happened so unexpectedly fast and I was so new in my job that I felt very uneasy about approaching my manager to ask about taking the personal time. Eastern and my manager could not have been more supportive. Being matched with our daughter was the happiest time of my life but also very stressful. Eastern’s flexibility really took some of that stress away, which meant so much to me at the time, and still does today.

EIG Are there any organizations that you feel strongly about supporting?

AP I’m an adoptive parent and foster care advocate who is active in those communities. I’ve also been a licensed resource for the DCF. Every child deserves to grow up in a family—and most importantly, a trusting and safe environment. I strongly support organizations working on providing children with that environment. A few of the organizations that I love are the Wonderfund, Rise Above, and Together We Rise! While in foster care, my daughter received amazing support and services from two of these fantastic organizations.

EIG What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?

AP I am a huge music lover and go to as many concerts as possible, although now that I’m a parent, I don’t go quite as often as before. I like most types of music, but classic rock—which is really a little bit before my time—holds a special place in my heart. Maybe that’s because my dad influenced my musical taste and I was always around music as a kid.

I am also an animal lover and I have a five-year-old Yorkie who is like my second child. She is one of the loves of my life!

EIG What advice would you give to someone who is considering a career at Eastern?

AP My advice is to learn as much as you can and seek out new experiences. In order to accelerate learning and growth, you really need to dip your toes into business areas that lie outside the main functions of your job. Eastern provides tons of opportunities for growth, but sometimes you have to take the initiative to find them. It’s OK to be the squeaky wheel.  



What Amy’s coworkers say…!


Amy is incredibly passionate about the high-level of services she provides to her clients earning her their trust and respect. Always willing to raise a hand to support department initiatives, Amy is a key member to the success of retaining and growing our business.

-Tim Harrington, Senior Vice President, Eastern Insurance


Amy is a consummate professional when dealing with clients and colleagues.  Her attention to detail and willingness to go over and above allows her to quickly gain the trust of our clients and become a critical resource that our clients can depend on.  In addition to her strong approach to client service, she is always willing to raise her hand to assist colleagues when internal resources are needed for specialized projects.  Our Eastern clients and colleagues are so fortunate to have Amy on the team at Eastern Insurance!

--Kevin Keyo, Vice President, Eastern Insurance

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