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Cost Management

Managing the increasing cost of health care is our clients' number one concern. Our core services include consulting, analysis, data analytics tools, and regular reporting. These, combined with our substantial market leverage, drive the most cost-effective programs for our clients.

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Employee Engagement

Open enrollment is an overwhelming time for Human Resources departments and employees alike. Our educational materials, tools, and communications can help streamline and simplify the process for your company and employees.

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We take compliance very seriously at Eastern Benefits Group. Our compliance expertise is focused on keeping your benefit programs sound and your business results steady.

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HR Support

Take advantage of the many ways we partner with your Human Resources team to keep you compliant and informed.

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Managing General Underwriter - Stop Loss

Eastern's Managing General Underwriting (MGU) team issues and binds Stop Loss insurance for clients, brokers and third party administrators across the country. This unique capability ensures that clients receive the best underwriting analysis and product offering available in the market.

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Retirement & Executive Services

Recent press reports suggest employers fear they may lose key employees and executives due to talent competition in an improving job market. One way employers may address this issue is by offering nonqualified benefit plans. We design, install, and monitor executive benefit plans to meet your unique business needs.

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