Compliance & HR Support

Client Focused Solutions

We take compliance very seriously at Eastern Benefits Group. Our compliance team is focused on keeping your benefit programs sound and your business results steady. Under the direction of our compliance officer and a partnership with ThinkHR, we offer:

  • An HR Compliance Hotline
  • On-boarding new client compliance review and
  • Regular alerts, webcasts, and seminars to keep you informed and current.

Second to cost containment, our clients rely heavily on our compliance management approach. When we begin a new relationship with a client, one of the first orders of business is to go through a benefits compliance audit. During this process, we work with HR to review all the high-priority items that an employer is most likely to encounter during an ERISA audit. We review plan documents and Summary Plan Descriptions (SPDs) to ensure they are compliant. We will assist clients in updating their SPDs and provide SMMs (summaries of material modification) as necessary.

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