Managing General Underwriter - Stop Loss

We not only provide underwriting analysis for our fully insured and self-funded clients, we also manage a proprietary Stop Loss underwriting unit. Eastern's Managing General Underwriting (MGU) team issues and binds Stop Loss insurance for clients, brokers and third party administrators across the country.  This unique capability ensures that clients receive the best underwriting analysis and product offering available in the market.  Our MGU is an exceptional resource for those with more mature, complicated risks or for clients looking to evaluate self-insurance options.  

  • Three underwriters on staff with 45 years of combined stop loss underwriting experience.
  • Continuous contract with Gerber Life for 20 years
  • Full binding authority
  • Full claims settlement authority up to $1M
  • Ability to utilize APEX.HRM Healthcare Analytics Underwriting Software. Provides Eastern Benefits Group the tools to model plan changes and stop loss options