Retirement & Executive Services

The economic outlook has raised employers' optimism a bit about the financial climate. It also is increasing their concerns about their most valued employees. Recent press reports suggest employers fear they may lose key employees and executives due to talent competition in an improving job market. One way employers may address this issue is by offering nonqualified benefit plans. We design, install, and monitor executive benefit plans to meet your unique business needs. Contact us for an executive briefing or a review of your existing plans.

Services Overview

Business exit planning - we help create succession strategies that allow owners to exit their business when they want and on their terms, while considering tax, legislative, and business structure influences.

Estate planning - we help minimize the impact of taxes and expenses on an estate and/or business, while maximizing distributions to heirs, third parties, and charities.

Retirement income - we help employers offer nonqualified solutions that help owners and key employees plan an adequate retirement income - while helping recruit, reward, and retain key employees.

Business protection - we help implement strategies to preserve, protect, and promote the value of the business to better facilitate a subsequent transfer to family members, key employees, other owners, or third parties.

Survivor income - we help business owners' families achieve their specific financial objectives, such as paying for college and paying off the mortgage.

Income protection - we help protect business owners financially with funding solutions in the event of a prolonged illness or injury - helping not only the business owner personally, but also in keeping the doors of the business open.