Popular Coverages through Eastern Insurance

You have probably heard plenty of commercials talking about the perks of, "Bundle and Save," "Accident Forgiveness," or "Roadside Assistance," with an auto policy, but did you know you could get those same or similar endorsements through your local agency? At Eastern Insurance, we offer 24/7 service and support, the convenience of 24 offices across the state, and the most popular insurance products on the market. 

We believe that an educated client is the best client, so, below, we break down the real meaning behind those popular insurance terms: 

  • Accident Forgiveness
    If you've ever been at fault in a car accident, you know how much that can increase your auto insurance premium. With accident forgiveness, which is usually a small, additional fee, your insurance will waive the price increase that would typically occur at renewal if you were involved in an at-fault accident during the previous coverage year. 
    Pro: If you have a policy with accident forgiveness, you could save in a big way if you are found to be at fault in an accident during that policy term. We have some carriers that will allow you to purchase Accident Forgiveness even if you have up to four points on your driving record.
    Con: The endorsement is not retroactive, so it can not be applied towards previous accidents and does not protect against any standard rate increases that the company may have otherwise been applying at renewal. Some companies may require that you have been written by them for a number of years prior before you are eligible.

  • Roadside Assistance
    Roadside assistance can be included in your policy, or may be an extra fee depending on your insurance carrier. The services offered can range from a spare tire change, to delivering gasoline if you run out of fuel, to helping you in the event of a lockout. A member of our customer service team can help guide you through available options.
    Pro: Traveling with additional peace of mind helps make hitting the open road a lot more fun. Plus, if you know what services are included in your policy and use them wisely, you can save money that you may have normally spent out of pocket.
    Con: If you already have AAA, you may not need or use these extra features, but make sure you tell your customer service representative that you have it! Many companies offer a discount for AAA members.

  • Bundle and Save
    This one is about as straightforward as it sounds: if your home/renters insurance policy and car insurance are with the same company, you could qualify for steep discounts. In the event your coverage needs require your home and auto policies to be with different carriers, you may still qualify for a discount by having both policies written through Eastern Insurance. 
    Pro: Savings! Rest easy knowing that you are saving money on your insurance coverage without cutting coverage.
    Con: This opportunity may not be available to everybody. For example, if your home must be written with a specific carrier due to non-standard conditions and that carrier does not write auto policies, or have an applicable partnership discount. 

Talk to a member of our Massachusetts-based customer service team about all your insurance options to get the coverage you want, and the coverage you need. Contact the Personal Lines team at Eastern Insurance by phone at 1-781-261-2013 or by requesting a quote on this page.