Eastern Insurance is pleased to announce the continued offering of 


Chubb Group Personal Excess Liability 


to Eastern Bank

Directors, Trustees, and Corporators.


What is Personal Excess Liability?

You may have heard the term “Umbrella Policy” in the past. An umbrella policy provides an additional layer of liability above the liability limit of your homeowner’s policy, automobile policy and when applicable, watercraft policy. Should you be involved in situation where you may be liable, your umbrella policy would kick-in once the underlying limit of those policies is exhausted. Personal Excess Liability is very similar, with the exception that it also provides coverage that is not available with the underlying liability described above, making it even better!

 Coverage Highlights:

  • Property Damage and Bodily Injury: Coverage applies if you are liable for someone being injured.
  • Personal Injury: Chubb includes this important coverage which applies to situations such as lawsuits involving accusations of libel or slander.
  • Defense Costs: Chubb covers the cost to defend a lawsuit, even if it is groundless, false or fraudulent. Chubb will provide legal counsel with coverage for all expenses incurred. This means – PEACE OF MIND while maintaining your life during what could be a very stressful time!
  • {Optional} Excess Uninsured/Underinsured (UM/UIM) Motorists Protection: Chubb offers this optional coverage for up to $1 million in Excess UM/UIM coverage that provides benefits directly to you and your covered passengers if involved in an accident with an uninsured or underinsured driver.
  • {Optional} Employment Practices Liability (EPL): Chubb offers this optional coverage which provides valuable protection for wrongful employment acts for residential staff whom you employ (Nannies, Housekeepers, Gardeners, etc.)

Why "Group" Personal Excess Liability instead of Individual Liability?

  • Traditionally, Chubb Insurance specializes in insurance for successful individuals and families with fine “luxury” homes. Their reputation is the industry is unlike any other insurance company. They are also the world’s largest publicly traded Property & Casualty Insurance company in the U.S. Having access to place this important coverage with Chubb is an advantage to those who may not otherwise be eligible. 
  • Rates are more competitive, in most cases, as a group.
  • The coverage is broader than alternative options on an individual basis.
  • Very limited underwriting – In other words, they are not scrutinizing factors that affect eligibility for individual policies such as youthful operators, driving records and claims. 

Who needs this coverage?

Many people don't consider their lives particularly "risky" or that they would ever need liability coverage beyond their standard insurance policy limits, but take a moment to consider the potential to be held liable for injuries caused by these everyday events: 

  • Driving a Car (Including Teens)

  • Social Media (Libel/Slander)

  • Carpooling with Other Children

  • Hosting Guests in Your Home

  • Pets

  • Children Playdates

  • Boating/Waterskiing/Tubing

  • Swimming Pools

  • Serving on a Non-Profit Board

  • Snow Skiing or Snowboarding Accidents

How do you know what limit is right for you?

Consider these Factors: 

  • Net worth
  • Total assets
  • Future Earnings (which could be put at risk following a large settlement)
  • Life Stage (kids going to college, caring for elderly parents, close to retirement)