Health & Fitness Business Insurance

Health & Fitness Business Insurance

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When you run a health and fitness business, having the proper insurance is a necessary component to shield you and your staff from the many areas of potential claims you face.

You and your staff work closely with your clients every day toward their better health. You push them physically, come into close contact with them, and advise them on regimen and diet. These are unique risks to your business, and you need insurance that can cover you on these fronts plus all the normal areas of risk such as workers' compensation and property insurance.

At Eastern Insurance Group LLC, we provide a full review of your exposures to provide a comprehensive insurance program that will protect your health club, at a fair and competitive price. And the protection that it provides can be the difference between success and failure. Even unwarranted claims can hamper your ability to do business because the costs to defend your health club can jeopardize its health.

Coverage is available to all owners of health and fitness clubs and incorporates both traditional insurance and club-specific lines of insurance so that owners can remain focused on growing a thriving health business. Before the next workout session takes place, make sure that you and your trainers are protected from all claims. You don't want one unwarranted claim to close your gym.

Eastern Insurance Group LLC offers unique advantages, including:

  • 24/7 claims coverage and response
  • A wide selection of insurance carriers. We have relationships with more than 50 regional and national insurance companies
  • An experienced team of professionals who can help tailor plans for you

Our experienced professionals understand the unique needs of your business, as they are also members of most industry associations. As a result, we can help you identify, analyze, and calculate risks and tailor a competitive solution that helps you manage them.