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Do you own an antique vehicle? If you do, we suggest that you place that vehicle on an Antique Car Insurance policy. You may be asking, why not on a standard automobile insurance policy?

The primary reason is that the coverage needed for a classic vehicle is based on the value of the car. With a standard Automobile Insurance policy, the value of the vehicle decreases over time. When taken care of, classic cars usually appreciate in value rather than depreciate as ordinary vehicles do.

Classic Car Insurance will provide comprehensive, collision and liability coverage and in the event of a loss, your vehicle will be covered up to the proper value and not a depreciated value.

The policy costs less than a standard automobile policy but there are restrictions. Insurance companies that provide coverage for Antique or Classic Cars will want to be sure you are not using your classic car as your everyday vehicle and some may require that you only use it for shows and/or weekend drives. Each carrier can be different but that is what Eastern Insurance Group LLC is here for - to help you make the right decision for your insurance needs.

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