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The Historic Firearms, Collectibles and Sporting Arms Program at Eastern Insurance is committed to protecting your firearms, memorabilia and other collectibles. We offer comprehensive coverage and best-in-class service along with firsthand knowledge of, and experience with, the collecting community.

We are recognized insurers of some of our “national treasures,” meeting the comprehensive insurance needs of the discerning sportsman/collector of historic and sporting arms. We have gained the trust of the members of the Colt Collectors Association, Winchester Arms Collectors and Sierra Club International.

The Kentucky Rifle Association, Smith & Wesson Collectors Association, Northern and Southern Skirmish Associations, Parker Gun Collectors Association, and Garand Collectors Association are names that are a permanent part of our vocabulary.

We insure firearms from fine “investment grade” Boss, Purdey, Fumars and Krieghoff models to faithful “field grade” Remington and Savage models. The Historic Firearms, Collectibles and Sporting Arms Insurance Program’s highest priority is to provide the corresponding coverage for preserving and protecting your collection’s investment value.

We also provide property and gun show liability coverage for firearms dealers, auction/dealer houses, the fraternities of reenactment living history associations, historic roundtables, collecting associations and many more.

Please review the information provided here and let us know what we can do to protect your collection and its accessories.

If you’d like to learn more about this valuable protection, call us at 1-800-545-9326.

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Whether you are looking for firearms or collection coverage, auto or home insurance for your family, liability coverage for your business, or benefits for your employees, Eastern Insurance has a range of solutions to meet your needs. Our expertise and partnership with leading carriers allow us to deliver insurance products to best protect you. We have direct relationships with more than 50 major insurance companies and 400+ professionals, including licensed account managers.

Our program partner, The Hanover Insurance Group, offers a 5% discount to members of the following organizations, and many more.

  • Association of Firearm & Toolmark Examiners
  • Company of Military Historians
  • GOAL
  • Kentucky Rifle Association
  • Maryland Arms Collectors Association
  • National Skeet Shooting Association
  • Side by Side Association
  • Smith & Wesson Collectors
  • ... and many more! Click here for a full listing of recognized organizations.

There is also a 5% Discount available to prior and active military members and members of law enforcement.


We are pleased to introduce to the sportsman/collector of antique fine sporting arms, antique fine arts and historic firearms a program specifically designed to insure your investment. We are people who understand and share your passion for collecting pieces of America’s heritage and the weapons that are part of our history.

The program is underwritten by The Hanover Insurance Group, which specializes in underwriting valuable articles of rare or historic interest, as evidenced by Eastern Insurance’s Historic Firearms, Collectibles and Sporting Arms Insurance Program.  Hanover is accomplished in writing valuable articles of rare or historic nature throughout the world and its reputation for claims settlement is the best in the industry.

The program is not exclusive to firearms collections. Many customers have collections of fine art, uniforms, battle flags, swords and other authentic memorabilia that can be insured by our program. Please contact us for a quote.

The Historic Firearms, Collectibles and Sporting Arms Insurance Program for personal collections has the endorsement of the Smith & Wesson Collectors Association, Parker Gun Collectors Association and the publishers of The Civil War News, and it has been recognized by the Colt Collectors Association, the Northern and Southern Skirmish Associations, and the Living History Association.

As collectors, we are the custodians of the treasures of our heritage. We appreciate this responsibility and want to remind you that our program also covers artwork, musical instruments, and militaria.

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