Insuring Your Side Gig

If you are one of the 44 Million Americans with an additional source of income such as direct sales, freelance professional services, or creating your own unique products, you may want to consider protecting your personal finances with a Home Based Business Insurance Policy from USLI, as your homeowner's insurance or renter's insurance policy will likely offer you little to no protection in the event of a claim. 

Below are just a few examples of a side-hustle or entrepreneurial business that could have insurance protection from USLI for an average rate of $300:

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Most homeowners policies will not protect you in the following common situations, but a Home Based Business policy would:

  • Someone steals some of your inventory at a craft fair
  • A fire at your home damages your inventory
  • A customer slips and falls, injuring themselves, at a pop-up party in your home
  • A friend, who was drinking wine at your pop-up party, gets in a car accident on the way home, and you are held liable