Pet Insurance

Is your furry, four-legged friend a member of your family? At Eastern Insurance, we sure think so, which is why we have partnered with Figo Pet Insurance to make sure that every member of your family has protection.

Figo offers several levels of insurance protection for your cat or dog, so that you can afford to give them the best care in their time of need. All their policies provide coverage for the following, as long as it is not related to a pre-existing condition:

  • Veterinary Exam for Injury or Illness
  • Surgeries
  • Prescription Medications
  • Advanced Cancer Treatments
  • C
  • Knee Conditions (such as ACL)
  • Holistic & Alternative Therapies
  • And much more!

Should you ever need to file a claim, Figo knows you want to get back to playing fetch, so they’ve made their claims process simple. Send them your bill (even by simply snapping a photo) and a quick description of what happened, and they’ll deposit the reimbursable amount directly into your bank account. Good boy! 

Figo Cloud

With your Figo policy, you also receive the first-ever Pet Cloud with mobile app to manage your pet's life. Some features of the Pet Cloud include: 

  • Access to your pet's records for travel and emergency
  • Text and email reminders for pet health appointments
  • Lost pet technology using GPS and family text alerts
  • Pet-friendly business locator

Interested in learning more about the Figo cloud and mobile app? Watch this short video:

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Pet Insurance