Maria Tsimounis, Account Manager


Maria Tsimounis

Account Manager


Maria works closely with account executives renewing and maintaining policies for Private Client Group customers. She believes that insurance is a very integral part of peoples' everyday lives, but most don't truly understand the importance of it until something goes wrong. She strives to make sure clients are informed of various coverage options available to them before the "What If's" become the "What Haves" and they are left exposed.   

Prior to working in the Private Client Group, Maria worked in Eastern Insurance Group's Inside Sales Department for two years and on the Customer Service team for 16 years. She is the recipient of several recognition awards including the company's Above and Beyond award. 

Maria is a licensed insurance producer in M.A. and N.H. and has a CISR Designation. Maria attended North Shore Community College and graduated in 2013 with Honors and earned an  Associates Degree in Liberal Arts Education.