Senior Driver Insurance

For a senior citizen, having a reliable insurance agent is a comforting necessity, and it makes sense to request a review of your current policy, especially at the time of auto insurance renewal. Eastern Insurance Group represents many different auto carriers, and obtaining quotes for auto insurance is an easy process. Our professional customer service associates will review your auto insurance and discuss your insurance needs. If you re a senior on a fixed income, a review could possibly save you hundreds of dollars.

Keeping Auto Insurance Rates Down For Senior Drivers

Buying auto insurance is like any other important purchase. There are ways that you can take responsibility for controlling your auto insurance rates.

Eastern Insurance offers a discount to AARP members if they insure their cars with Plymouth Rock Assurance Corporation. Plymouth Rock is currently the only insurance company that provides the AARP discount for their members in Massachusetts. If you would like more information on this valuable discount, please call us at our toll-free number, 1-800-333-7234.

In Massachusetts, most of the auto insurance companies Eastern Insurance represents provide a 25 percent discount to drivers who've reached age 65. However, statistics suggest the frequency of auto accidents increases with older drivers. It's important that senior drivers stay active and do what they can to keep their driving skills sharp. Local colleges, senior centers and AARP offers safe driving classes for older drivers.

Another way to keep auto insurance rates down is to examine your current auto insurance needs and requirements. Changing to higher deductibles for your collision and/or comprehensive coverages or dropping collision altogether for older cars may be the right option. Always ask about discounts when renewing or reviewing your auto insurance. Finally, the best advice is always to drive defensively, stay alert and follow the driving laws. Maintaining a safe driving record is the absolute best way to keep auto insurance rates down.