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While accidents do happen, defending yourself in the event of a lawsuit and any resulting judgments could cause financial hardship to you and your family. If you would like to increase your coverage protection for liability associated with all your primary policies such as your auto, home, rental property, watercraft, etc., we highly recommend personal umbrella coverage. 

Protect the Good. Provide the Good.

Personal Umbrella coverage is excess liability coverage and is available in $1M increments of coverage limits and includes coverage for defense costs.  The umbrella limit you choose should correlate with the assets you’ve worked so hard to accumulate (your financial advisor or estate planner may also assist you with choosing the appropriate limit of coverage). 

Umbrella coverage is priced affordably considering the amount of excess coverage you will have the comfort of carrying. Today’s lifestyles involve a great deal of activity and recreation that can create numerous liability exposures. Personal umbrella insurance is recommended for you in the case of a lawsuit connected to the many unforeseen events that can occur such as your dog biting someone or your car hitting a pedestrian.

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