Buying a New Car

Buying a new car can be both exciting and confusing. Below you will find two examples of a typical car-buying process, to help eliminate any confusion you may have!

Purchasing a vehicle from a dealership

Once you have settled on the vehicle you will be purchasing, please call our office to speak to one of our representatives to inform us if this is going to be an additional vehicle or transfer, review your coverages to ensure you’re adequately insured, and give us authorization to stamp all necessary paperwork to complete your car-buying process. Provide the dealership with our name and phone number: Eastern Insurance Group, 1-800-333-7234.

The dealership will fax us all the necessary paperwork to get your vehicle registered. We will stamp the RMV1 form and provide them with an evidence of insurance form if you are financing your vehicle. Once the dealer receives the paperwork from our office, they will register your vehicle.

When you pick up your vehicle from the dealership, they will provide you with a new registration for your car. Please remember you still need to get the vehicle inspected! You have seven days to do so.

Purchasing a vehicle from a private party

Once you have reached an agreement with a private party to purchase their vehicle, they will provide you with a bill of sale stating the cost, year, make and model of the vehicle. In addition to providing the bill of sale, they need to sign the title of the vehicle over to you. Once you have the bill of sale and title, please visit one of our locations so that we may provide you with the paperwork needed for the Registry of Motor Vehicles. At that time, we will complete an RMV1 form and go over your coverages with you. You may choose to go to the registry, or we can do the running for you for a nominal fee. Please remember you still need to get the vehicle inspected! You have seven days to get this done.

Common questions

  • Q. I purchased a vehicle over the weekend. Can I drive the car home?
  • A. If you lose possession of your current vehicle, you have seven days to get this new vehicle registered.
  • Q. Do I have to pay sales tax if a family member gives me their vehicle?
  • A. If the vehicle is given to you by your mother, father, sister or brother, you do not have to pay sales tax. The Registry of Motor Vehicles has a “Family Transfer Form” we can provide you with to waive the sales tax.
  • Q. Can I transfer my plates to my new car?
  • A. Yes, as long as the owner of the vehicle remains the same. For example, if your current vehicle is owned by John Doe but the new car is owned by Jane Doe, you will not be able to transfer the plates. e’re here to help!