The Top Insurance Challenges Today

At Eastern Insurance, we know how vital insurance is to your business. We also understand that with the limited resources available to businesses today, you may not have the coverage and services you need to successfully protect and manage your business. That’s why Eastern Insurance is pleased to offer you access to a wealth of insurance, employee benefits, and business and personal financial solutions.

The Six Insurance Challenges of Businesses Today

To better assess the needs of our customers, we have outlined six of the top insurance challenges that businesses face. By addressing each of these challenges, we can develop a plan together that will keep you protected and informed on the various insurance laws and requirements in the future.

These challenges are:

  1. Needing a trusted advisor
    • Are you receiving valuable advice through a consultative approach?
    • Is your broker proactive in addressing your insurance needs?
    • Do you have a “true business partner” in your insurance broker?
  2. Finding the proper insurance program
    • Is your current insurance program competitively priced in the current market environment?
    • Has a risk management analysis been conducted recently on your insurance exposures?
    • Does your broker offer coverage options and recommendations?
  3. Managing risk
    • How competitive is your Risk Management Program?
    • How are you controlling your exposure to loss sources?
    • Do you have a Contractual Risk Transfer Program in place to limit potential lawsuits?
  4. Choosing a strong insurance company
    • Does your insurance company have financial strength and strong claims paying ability?
    • Is your insurance company a leader in your industry?
    • Does your insurance carrier provide consistent delivery of valued services?
  5. Delivering customized employee benefits
    • Is your Employee Benefits Program cost-effective?
    • Are you able to attract and retain employees with a benefits program that is competitive within your industry?
    • Is your broker keeping you advised of the recent changes in health care reform and other potential compliance matters?
  6. Protecting personal assets
    • Are you taking advantage of recent competitive rating reforms to automobile insurance?
    • Do you have personal property and liability limits to protect your assets from loss?
    • Do you regularly review your life insurance benefits following life cycle events?

Let Eastern Insurance help you discover the answers.