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Ten Essential Times to Review Your Insurance Policy

By Nina Terenzi, Mar. 10, 2022
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When your life changes, so should your insurance policy. Aside from an annual renewal, there are several instances throughout the year when you may want to take a second look at your policy and make some amendments with your agent. Making a major purchase, re-locating, expanding your family, and even completing some DIY projects around your home are all events when your current coverage may not be enough. An insurance review can provide peace of mind in knowing that your family and your assets are protected should the unexpected happen.

Here are seven essential times we recommend you review your policy:

  • A change in your career or lifestyle. Are your traveling habits changing? Did you have a significant change in your income or retire? These changes can require different insurance coverages. Whenever you have a significant change in your life, make sure you connect with your agent to review your policy.
  • Life-changing family events. Marriage, divorce, a new baby, adoption, loss of a loved one, and sending a child off to college are common life moments where you may forget to check your insurance policy. Even bringing aging parents into your household can require updated coverage. Don’t wait until your annual review if you experience any of these throughout the year.
  • Additions to your home. If you’ve renovated a basement, made an addition to your home, or even made upgrades around the house, you should confirm that your current home insurance policy is extensive enough to cover it. For example, depending on the project, you may need additional liability coverage if there is an increased risk of injury.
  • A new pet. Bringing a new pet into the family is common for many households — especially over the past year. If you do bring a four-legged friend home, make sure to review your policy and ensure you’re covered.
  • Spending part of the year somewhere other than your main home. For Massachusetts residents, it can be common to head south for the winter or have another home in New England where you may garage your car for part of the year. If this sounds familiar, it is very important to alert your agent to make sure you have the coverage you need.
  • New drivers in the family or new uses of your vehicles. For those with a new driver in the house, you will need to add them to your policy. Similarly, if you’re using your vehicle to be a delivery driver or for another new service, make sure you connect with your local agent and update your policy to reflect these changes.
  • Starting a new business. From selling crafts online to offering consulting services out of your home, and everything in between, you need to review your policy. Your standard home insurance policy likely does not cover any loss related to business, so you’ll need to adjust your coverage should you start one.

In addition to these common life changes, there are other instances you might want to check in with your insurance agent to review your policy. For example, installing a new security system, a rise in the threat of natural disasters in your area, and even adding a pool to your backyard may all require significant changes to your policy. To be on the safe side, we recommend you check in with your agent throughout the year to make sure you’re protected through all of life’s changes.

For more information on your insurance policy or to discuss any of your other insurance needs, contact a member of our customer service team at Eastern Insurance. They can be reached by phone at 1-800-333-7234, or by email at

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